Wo! Gu Ge Qing Qi Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 夏_青
Artist 夏_青
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Wo! Gu Ge Qing Qi

I Am Special, My Elegant Skeleton!, My Freaky Skeleton!, Wǒ! Gǔ Gé Qīng Qí, 我!骨骼清奇

Synopsis Wo! Gu Ge Qing Qi

A lot of mysterious and weird creatures called bone consumers appeared in March City. Since these bone consumers always lack calcium, they are obsessed with things such as humans and various smaller animals that are rich in this category. In March City, there is a group of humans who have special bones. They are able to gain strong power from within these special bones to defeat the bone consumers.Original Webcomic (KuaiKan)Original Webcomic (Mkzhan)Original Webcomic (U17)