Shi Shang Zui Qiang Lian Ti Lao Zu Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 二次元动漫
Artist 二次元动漫
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Shi Shang Zui Qiang Lian Ti Lao Zu

Shǐ Shàng Zuì Qiáng Liàn Tǐ Lǎo Zǔ, The Strongest Body Refiner in History, The Unyielding Ancient Cultivator, 史上最强炼体老祖

Synopsis Shi Shang Zui Qiang Lian Ti Lao Zu

Original Webcomic:Coco Manga, Mkzhan, IQIYI, ZymkA Hundred Thousand of both Gods and Demons refine their own bodies to its finest and its peak. Ten Thousand Demons would then reforge their own bodies with Mystical Herbs.All of them would then come together to pierce the Nine Heavens, wreak havoc to the balance of Yin and Yang, and become the strongest being there ever has been! This is the story of the mysterious cultivator, Ye Cangxuan, the strongest cultivator there ever has been in history. He descended onto the lower realms after his battle with the Deities of the Heavens which caused g…