Mowang Zuobi Xitong Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author 新热血
Artist 新热血
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Mowang Zuobi Xitong

Demon King's Cheating System, Mówáng Zuòbì Xìtǒng, The Demon King Cheat System, 魔王作弊系统

Synopsis Mowang Zuobi Xitong

One day, countless dungeons suddenly appeared in the world, and human beings ushered in the “dungeon era”. The boss of the abyss-rank dungeon, Adesalai, was killed by human players using despicable means. Unwilling, he was reincarnated in a weak and useless player also accidentally opened the exclusive boss system, using the system to conquer the dungeon and become the special ability of the dungeon master, he started his own road of revenge.Original Web Comic