Magician’s Murim Adventures Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2016
Author Park Jeongsu Seaon Yeon-jae [Add, ]선연재 [Add, ]
Artist Jeiko Studio Haedam [Add, ]
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)Lezhin (Lezhin)
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Magician’s Murim Adventures

Madoushi, Bujutsukai e Iku, Mage Goes to Martial Arts World, Wizard's Martial World, 魔導師、武術界へ行く, 마법사 무림에 가다

Synopsis Magician’s Murim Adventures

At the age of 78, Midran, an archmage is still searching for a way to reach the 8th circle. Then he is suddenly turned into a child. Will he be able to recover mana from his past life and become the Archmage of the 9th circle? This is the story of the archmage’s struggle in the Murim…Original Webtoon Official English

Chapter Magician’s Murim Adventures