Magic of Love Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 周睿 墨戒文化 [Add, ]
Artist 周睿 墨戒文化 [Add, ]
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Magic of Love

The Brave Men All Want to Practice Asceticism With the Devil King, Training With the Demon King, Yongzhemen Dou Xiang He Mowang Xilian, Yǒngzhěmen Dōu Xiǎng Hé Mówáng Xiūliàn, 勇者们都想和魔王修炼, 勇者們都想和魔王修煉

Synopsis Magic of Love

The cold-blooded Demon King who has beaten all his enemies, who has always been second to none, ended up losing all his magical powers to a female hero who hexed him. What is this magical ritual that you do with the opposite sex’s lips? I can’t believe that even I, the formidable Demon King, have been defeated by this mysterious move! But no worries, I can retrain my abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a succubus, an elf, a beast woman, or a noble hero’s descendant. I’ll use you as my training partner if I can help it. In order to revive the demon race, I’ll show you the Dual…