Kijin Gentoushou
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2021
Author NAKANISHI Motoo
Artist SATOMI Yuu (II)
Serialization Piccoma (Futabasha)Gekkan Action (Futabasha)
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Kijin Gentoushou

Kijin Gentosho, Kijin Gentōshō, 鬼人幻燈抄

Synopsis Kijin Gentoushou

From Crunchyroll:In the Edo period, there was a shrine maiden called “Itsuki-hime” in the mountain village of Kadono.Jinta, a young man who acts as Itsuki-hime’s guardian despite being a stranger, encounters a mysterious demon who speaks of the far future in the forest where he went to defeat it.From Edo to the Heisei era, this is the first volume of a huge Japanese fantasy series about a demon man who travels through time while continuously questioning the meaning of wielding a sword.