Guniang Ni Buduijin Ah Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author DAZUI
Artist DAZUI
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Guniang Ni Buduijin Ah

Gūniáng Nǐ Bùduìjìn A, Miss, Something's Wrong With You, Young Lady, You Are Wrong, 姑娘你不对劲啊

Synopsis Guniang Ni Buduijin Ah

This is the typical protagonist setting so my cheats should be coming, right! Unexpectedly, that night, my fiancée suddenly took back her words: ‘I won’t annul this marriage! I want us to live and sleep together! I’ll also take care of all our living expenses! Okay, let’s do it, I have nothing to lose anyway.’ After one night… Eh, there’s something a bit wrong with my fiancée?Original Webcomic