Devora el Cielo Estrellado Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2020
Author I Eat Tomatoes
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Devora el Cielo Estrellado

Star Devourer, The Legend Of Spacewalker, Thôn Phệ Tinh Không, Tunshi Xingkong, Tūnshì xīngkōng, 吞噬星空

Synopsis Devora el Cielo Estrellado

In the Year 2056, a teenager clad in a tactical vest, combat pants, and alloyed combat boots sat atop a ruined and shattered six story apartment building. The building lies in a Prefecture-level city in the Original Jiangsu area. With a Hexagonal Shield and a Bloodshadow Combat Sword on his back, the young man sat silently on the edge of the roof. Under the brilliant hue from a starry night, it brought forth a breath of fresh air as the night breeze caressed his body. However, within this now ruined city, all was silent… all except for the occasional chill-inducing howls…Original Web Ma…