Zhibo: Nvshen Jia De Hashiqi Tian Xiu Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 创迹文化
Artist 创迹文化
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Zhibo: Nvshen Jia De Hashiqi Tian Xiu

Idol’s Husky Is a Great Streamer?!, Live: Husky Tianxiu in the Goddess' House, Reborn to Be a Huskie, Zhíbò: Nǚshén Jiā De Hàshiqí Tiān Xiù, 直播:女神家的哈士奇天秀

Synopsis Zhibo: Nvshen Jia De Hashiqi Tian Xiu

One day, Qin Xiao Bai became a husky. And his owner, is a goddess level streamer. Reporter asks,“Ms. Su, You’re now basically Yu streaming platform’s representative. What is your key to success? Is it your beautiful appearance, or your diligent attitude?” Su Wan Qing thought for a while, then pointed to the husky next to her. She answers, “ I think it’s neither. My success practically came from my husky being so outstanding! Sometimes I even questions if my husky is the real main character…